Technique Thursday – Flip A Template

By | February 19, 2015

This week for Technique Thursday, I have a couple fun My Digital Studio techniques to teach you!  One is to use a designer template, but to flip it upside down (I’ll explain how below.)  The other tip shows you ways to crop out parts of a stamp you don’t want.

I designed this page this week as part of MDS Virtual Digi Crop night, hosted by Monica Davis and Cindy Schuster.  This is a fun event that they hold once a month.  I’ve always intend to join, and this month, I actually did it!!!  Yeah!  Monica came up with the idea of finding a designer template and flipping it upside down for more creative options.

LA Dance Magic small

My designer template is from the Always Elegant download, and it’s shown below.  For those of you unfamiliar with My Digital Studio, designer templates are included in many kits.  The Always Elegant download has a over 20 pages of pre-designed pages that you could simply drag photos into and have a completed album!  I picked one page out of the album and added it to my project.

Once I had the template loaded, I needed to do a few things to flip it upside down.  First, I noticed that there were some locked objects on the page, so I selected Edit, Unlock Page Objects.  Then, I selected everything on the page by drawing a big huge square over the entire page.  This basically highlights everything on the page.  Then, I selected Arrange, Group to group everything into one object.  After that, I simply grabbed the corner and rotated everything 180 degrees.  Afterwards, I selected Arrange, Ungroup.  Now, I still had to clean up a few things.  For example, I had to rotate all my photo boxes back to 0 degrees, so that when I added my photos, they weren’t upside down.  Also, if I had wanted to keep the Always stamp, I would have had to flip that right side up.

However, I decided to replace a lot of the colors and papers with items that matched my photos.  So, I added some overlays and stamps from the Be Awesome Today download.

Virtual Crop-002 - Copy

Now, on to my second technique.  I used a stamp from the Be Awesome Today download for my title that had a lot of extra stuff that I didn’t want on my page.  First, I cropped out as much as I could as follows.

Be Awesome Today crop

Then, I used the Coloring Tool to color the left over words I didn’t want the same color as my background — Soft Sky.  To accomplish this, I really needed to zoom in A LOT and make my brush very small.

Be Awesome Today coloring tool

Because my title was in a sketched style, even after I colored the unwanted words, I could still see remnants on my project.  (Sorry, but I am a perfectionist and wasn’t satisfied.)  So, my next step was to cover the bad parts with oval punches colored Soft Sky.  That did the trick.  Oh, and one more tip – for the stamp I colored for my title, and the punches I used to cover up the unwanted words, I was careful not to add a drop shadow.

Finally, to really make my title stand out, I copied and pasted the stamp in place, then I offset it slightly.  Then, for the bottom stamp, I colored the whole stamp Soft Sky, then used the Coloring Tool to color the “Follow your heart” Whisper White.  (You may ask why I didn’t just color the whole stamp Whisper White and color the unwanted parts Soft Sky, like I did for the first stamp.  Well, funny thing about My Digital Studio, once you color a stamp white, you can’t use the Coloring Tool to color it a different color.)

Downloads used on my page:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Hope you enjoyed those tips.  Give My Digital Studio a try!

Tami Hewlett

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