Senior Photo Shoot

By | April 11, 2016

Not too long ago, my daughter asked if we could hire a photographer to take senior photos.  According to her, EVERYONE does this.  We had just purchased the official senior photos taken at school, (which weren’t cheap!), so I said I’d entertain the idea if she could find a good photographer that was reasonably priced.

Well, it took her about two seconds to do that!  She already knew of a photographer that was a friend of one of her teachers and had already taken photos of several of her classmates.  The photographer is Heather Jean Photography, and I have to admit that she did an amazing job.  I have lots of beautiful photos to scrapbook, some of which I’ve already shared.

But, I also have a funny story…

Shannon School Days-023

To me, one of the best elements of a scrapbook page is the story.  Don’t get me wrong, I also love the artistry and creativity of a beautiful page.  But I find that some of my all-time favorite pages are the ones that include journaling of a significant memory, especially one that I’d probably never forget, like this one.

In case it’s hard to read on the photo of my page above, here’s a copy of the journaling:

“Shannon wanted her picture taken in a field of mustard flowers.  The photographer was game, but there was nowhere to park but a private road.  While they were off taking the pictures, a truck drove to an abrupt stop, and I thought we were about to get in trouble for trespassing.  I started babbling that we just stopped to take pictures and that he had a very nice field.  The guy started laughing and said it was fine.  He just came to investigate because the area was prone to drug deals!!!  So, here’s my little gangster, drug dealing daughter on her Senior Photo shoot!”

For inspiration, I used a scrapbook layout from the MDS Monday Pinterest page.  This is a great resource.  I used the MDSM 13 layout.

I created the above page with My Memories Suite digital software using the following My Digital Studio downloads:  Brads, Mis-Stitched, Downtown Grunge, Staples & Stitching, & Top Notch Woodcuts

I’ll share the page with the photos from the field of mustard flowers next Monday.  That page will sit next to this one in Shannon’s school album.

Tami Hewlett




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