Senior Dedication Page

By | March 7, 2016

My baby girl is graduating from high school this year!!!  Oh my goodness, it’s hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by.  It seems like yesterday that I was taking her to her first day of Kindergarten.

The yearbook staff at her school is hard at work.  One of the things they include each year are senior dedications.  This is a section of the yearbook where parents write letters to the graduating seniors and include photos and sometimes inspirational quotes.  I’ve been thinking about this page for some time, especially which pictures to include.  We hired a photographer to take some recent pictures.  (I have lots more that I’ll be using for announcements and to finish her school scrapbook.)  And, then we picked a few of our most cherished photos from when she was a little girl.

Senior Dedication Page

The hula girl photo brings back lots of good memories.  We use to call Shannon our little hula girl when she was a baby, because she would do a cute little thing with her hands when we’d feed her.  I should have know even back then that she’d become a dancer!  She already had graceful hands!!!  Anyway, the name stuck and my husband even made up a song about our little hula girl that he use to sing to her.  When she was a little older (probably about five), my husband took this adorable photo of her one day when she was playing dress up in the backyard.  It’s been one of our all-time favorites since.

My sister Jill took the other photo when Shannon was about two years old during one of our many visits to Legoland with all the cousins.  She’s so good at capturing everyday moments.  We love this photo, with her little tongue sticking out, because it so perfectly captures her adorable face and those cute chubby cheeks.

As for the quotes, Shannon made the suggestion for the one from J.K. Rowling, which says “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”  Shannon has always loved the Harry Potter books, so a quote from the author seemed perfect.  Plus, she does have a lot of nerve, and she’ll need it even more as she pursues a degree in screenwriting.  It’s not going to be an easy career to break into.  I picked the Robin Williams quote the says, “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  I though it was very apropos considering that she wants to write for a living.  With her amazing imagination, and I do think she can change the world.

I created this page using My Memories Suite software.  For old MDS users, I used some Downtown Grunge frames, some stamps from Blossoms Abound, and a dotted frame from More Amore.  Shannon wanted me to mimic the artwork from one of her favorite movies, Moonrise Kingdom.  I couldn’t find the exact font, but I found some close ones.  I used Janda As Long As You Love Me for the title and Janda Elegant Handwriting for the dedication and quotes.

Next on my plate is to work on finishing her school days scrapbook.  I looked the other day, and while I’ve done intermittent pages here and there, I’ve only finished through grade 5!!!  Wholly cow, I’m in trouble!  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  I finished my son’s book so everyone could look at it during his graduation party, so I have to do the same for my daughter, right?  Yikes!!!

Tami Hewlett

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