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By | September 21, 2015

It makes me so happy when I create a memory page right after the event happened.  I feel like I do a better job, because everything’s fresh in my mind.  I can remember little details and the mood of the moment.  Project Life makes it so easy to do this!  The layouts are pre-formated, so all I need to do is select the photos and add a couple color coordinated pocket cards and write a title and some journaling.  Then voila, it’s done.  Memory saved.

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Samuel was so excited to finally turn 21.  It wasn’t that he wanted to go out drinking that very day, he just wanted the choice to do so if he wanted.  We actually just had a small party at home for him, mainly because that’s what he wanted.  My husband made a special dinner (because he’s the great cook in the family) and I offered to make him dessert (because I’m actually pretty good at baking fattening, sweet stuff.)  Instead of a cake, Samuel asked me to make him fudge.  I said seriously, you just want me to make FUDGE?  But yes, that’s what he wanted, so that’s what he got … a big plate of fudge.  He loved it, because he’s a major chocoholic at heart.  Since he was turning 21, my husband bought him a case of his favorite beers, Longboards.  He also bought him a key chain with a little breathalyzer on it.  At first, he rolled his eyes when he opened it, but we actually had fun at dinner testing it out after we’d had a little champagne to celebrate.  It was pretty interesting to see how a few drinks affected each of us differently, and I think it was a good lesson on drinking responsibly.

For my page, I used the Happy Times Card Collection.  You can purchase the real life card collection from Stampin’ Up! with the link below.  Or, you can purchase the digital collection from Becky Higgin’s Store at  In addition to the cards, I used a few Just Add Color photo overlays on my page.  I got those at Becky Higgin’s Store as well.

Products used on my page:

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Stampin’ Up! offers a full line of Project Life products, with card collections and accessories for the everyday, as well as those special occasions. You can purchase them at my online store.
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