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By | June 15, 2015

There’s a fun Facebook Challenge Group called the PLxSU Trio Challenge.  A group of three talented Stampin’ Up! demonstrators gets together each week to provide inspiration in creating Project Life pages.  Mostly, they use real paper, but sometimes they also create digitally.  They’re all really good at designing PL pages and have helped me visualize more possibilities for Project Life layouts.  I’ve been meaning to enter one of their challenges for a long time, but I just didn’t get around to it until last week!

Actually, since I had missed so many challenges, I decided to combine several past ones into my current page.  My page includes the following ideas from the PLxSU Trio:

  • Use stripes (last week)
  • Use memorabilia
  • Use a list

Because I don’t have any new photos to scrapbook, I decided to go back and work on our Walt Disney World vacation from 2006!!!  I’ve finished pages here and there, but there are lots of photos that I still have left to document.  Plus, I thought these photos would work well with a list.

Project Life-006 - Copy

I love the idea of adding a list to my page.  I’ve seen this done very effectively many times, and it’s a great way to add meaningful journaling to help remember key moments.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think writing down specific memories to enhance what’s pictured is the difference between a so-so page and a great page.  I also really love the idea of using memorabilia on a page.  Luckily, I had stashed away all our “keys to the kingdom,” so it was just a matter of digging them out and taking a photo.  I knew I kept those passes for a reason!

I created this page on My Digital Studio.  I know I’m kind of going back and forth right now between MDS and MyMemories Suite (MMS).  I plan on continuing to learn MMS, especially because it seems like their software designers are very open to suggestions from MDS users regarding proposed software enhancements.  (I got an answer within one day, when I asked them to consider adding a crop feature for imprints or stamps!)  As a result, I want to use MMS as much as possible to determine all the little things I’d like to see changed.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of things going on last week, and I needed to do this page in a hurry.  So, I went back to my old standby, MDS.  While it continues to work, it is a lot easier, because it’s got all the features I’m use to and all Stampin’ Up!’s amazing colors.

For my page, I mostly used elements from the Finest Simplicity download.  It’s got great papers, embellishments and stamps, including all of the little sayings that I added to the photos and those cute word bubbles.  The only things that didn’t come from that kit were the little row of hearts, which came from Love Story Project Life.  Another download I used was the Typewriter Numbers.  I thought they were perfect for my list.  The font for my title is called Waltograph.  It’s a free font I found on the internet.

Downloads used on my page:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

If you’re looking for Project Life ideas, check out the PLxSU Trio Challenge Facebook page.  They’ve got some awesome examples there.

Tami Hewlett

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