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By | December 7, 2015

I have been a HUGE fan of My Digital Studio since its inception, so it has been extremely difficult for me to cut the strings and move on to any other type of scrapbooking, whether it’s traditional, digital, or even Project Life.  I originally tried My Memories Suite 6 (the suggested replacement for My Digital Studio users that was created by the same developers StoryRock), but there were some pretty significant features missing that held me back from making the switch.  However, recently My Memories Suite – Version 7 was released, and it added all the features I wanted and more!  In fact, I’m super excited to use some of those new features like blurring the edges of photos.  So, you’ll be seeing them in upcoming months.  And, I’m pleased to say that it only cost me $9.99 to upgrade.  So, I’m now ready to make the leap and start designing with this new software.  Plus, it’s nice to know that I’ll be using software again that’s fully supported with good printing services.

Printing Update:

Speaking of printing, I wanted to give you an update.  I got my Maui photobook back from the My Memories Suite printers and it turned out GORGEOUS!!!!  I was so happy after all the work I put into that book.  What’s most important, is that my husband LOVED it.  He loves having a book of recent photos to share with his clients during tax season, and so this fit the bill perfectly.  Plus, it’s a great reminder of our special vacation and 25th anniversary.

If you remember, I also had my desktop calendars printed by My Memories Suite.  When I ordered them, I selected the thinner cardstock.  I’m not sure if I accidentally ordered the wrong thing or what happened, but when I received the prints, they were definitely NOT on cardstock.  Instead, the paper was thin, similar to a scrapbook page weight.  The printing was perfect, but if I used them again, I would use the heavier weight cardstock, which is of course more expensive.  Bottom line is that I probably wouldn’t use My Memories Suite to print my desktop calendars, because Office Depot was less than half the price and had high quality printing.

So, onward to my scrapbook page of the day.  This page includes some more photos taken by Mike Agardy from last June’s Dance Recital.  This is the costume she wore for her big competitive dance with the Senior Team.  It was a gorgeous dance choreographed by Nathan Trasoras, from So You Think You Can Dance.  At one of the competitions, they won the Overall Technical Award for having the highest quality dance techniques, bringing her dance instructor to tears of happiness.

Dance 2015-005

Because I had multiple photos, I decided to enlarge the two I wanted to feature most.  Then, I made the bottom three photos the same size and grouped them together so they have the illusion of looking like one element.  The zig zag stitching adds to this illusion.  This avoids making the page look too busy.  I also purposely kept the background simple, using neutral colors to draw attention to the photos.

I used old My Digital Studio downloads to decorate the page, which aren’t available to purchase anymore.  But, you could achieve a similar look with any neutral embellishments.

For my title, which is the name of the song they danced to, I used a font called Janda Celebration Script.  I used the Color Picker Tool to match the color of my daughter’s shirt, then I copied the title and pasted it in place and colored the second title white.  I moved the second title behind the first and used my arrow keys to slightly offset the bottom title for a shadow effect.

Hope these tips help inspire you.

Tami Hewlett

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