MDS Monday – Everybody Cut Footloose

By | April 6, 2015

Happy Monday!  Before I get to MDS Monday for this week, remember that starting today Stampin’ Up! has FREE SHIPPING on everything.  This promotion goes through Friday April 10th.  Be sure to take advantage of this great offer.

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My Digital Studio Back Up Information:

I also wanted to mention that I’ve added three videos to the MDS Monday blog under the “MDS Videos / How Tos” tab on backing up and restoring My Digital Studio.  These videos support the PDF document that I added last week, and they show you step-by-step procedures on how to back up your My Digital Studio projects, components (downloads), downloadable software, and the latest updates to that software.  Because Stampin’ Up! will not be supporting My Digital Studio effective May 31, 2015, it is extremely important to back up all this information so you can restore it in case of a computer crash or if you want to add My Digital Studio to a new computer.  After May 31, 2015, you will not be able to access your downloads library or the updates currently available at  I’ve backed everything up to an external hard drive so that I can continue to access this information indefinitely, and I encourage you to do the same.


MDS Monday Challenge:

This week, I’m the hostess of MDS Monday!  My daughter Shannon helped me come up with the concept for this page; and we needed a template with lots of little photos for the feet.  She was so excited when she got the opportunity to meet the star of the movie Footloose at the Nuvo Dance Convention and Competition.  She had a friend take this photo with her phone and wanted me to do a Footloose themed page.  We were brainstorming ideas when she thought of taking pictures of her feet like the movie.  She even researched the positions of the feet so they looked authentic.  (Gotta give her kudos for that!)

MDSM108-002 - Copy

We haven’t done a vertical page for a while at MDS Monday, so I thought it would be a fun twist.  As an added challenge, I’m asking everyone to focus on their journaling this week, to really tell a story instead of just labeling their photos (who, what, when, where.)  In other words, add emotions, a funny story, a tender moment, something that made you laugh, a particular thought, or something unexpected.  Try to be specific and detailed so it’s meaningful.  Writing is typically a struggle for most of us, but if we practice, it becomes easier and our pages become much more memorable.  Someday, when you look back, you’re going to be happy you put in the effort!

It’s a good idea to create scrapbook pages when events are fresh on your mind.  If not, it helps to at least write down important notes to help with the journaling.  For this page, luckily we could remember what we said and felt, and I think that helped a lot.  Also, I researched the words to the Footloose song so I could add phrases to my page and make it even more meaningful.

For my title, I used the internet to search for a Footloose logo image that was transparent.  I’ve done similar searches for other pages, and it’s amazing what you can find.

For the rest of my page, I focused on finding papers that were grungy (like the barn in the movie).  Well Worn fit the bill.  I added some stamp accents from the Butterfly Basics stamp brush set and a grunge background that I love from the Back to School Ensemble.

Here’s my template for this week.  If you don’t have a lot of photos, you could replace the small squares with embellishments or designer paper.  But, don’t forget to focus on the journaling!


Downloads used on my page:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

While Stampin’ Up! is discontinuing it’s support of My Digital Studio effective May 31, MDS Monday is determined to continue bringing you weekly challenges.  Our attitude is to party to the end.  Come join us this week and enter your page in our challenge for a chance to be a featured winner!

Tami Hewlett

4 thoughts on “MDS Monday – Everybody Cut Footloose

  1. Barbara Cost

    Tami – Thank you very much for very helpful videos. This will help me tremendously. I have a couple of questions b/c I’m not too good w/computers: 1. I’m not sure what size external hard drive I need to purchase – any suggestions? 2. To put MDS on the external hard drive, I purchased MDS when it first came out with the CD’s. I later purchased MDS2 Upgrade Item #130650 on 8/2/12 and MDS Download Item #130646 on 2/19/14. Will I load all the CD’s – MDS2 Upgrade & MDS Download along then w/all the components etc that you went through?? I’m just alittle confused with the CD’s and want to make sure I get everything I have.

    Also – I’ve seen several demonstrators mention going w/My Memories Suite. Is that what you will be doing? If so, can you let me know what I would need to do to get that all going, b/c I have really started enjoying MDS and want to continue on.

    Thank you for all your assistance. You are wonderful!!!!

    1. Tami Hewlett

      Barbara, I have A LOT of downloads so I have a 1TB external hard drive. That is sufficient for all my backups including lots of photos. Reading your note above, it sounds like you only have one download, so you could probably fit the back up on a flash drive. If you right click on a file, you can look at the properties and see the size of the file to get an idea of how big a flash drive to buy. If you already have one, just try fitting it on the drive. It will tell you if you run out of space. 2. You only need to back up the latest version of the software, so if the latest one is the MDS Downloadable, that would suffice. The only difference in the original CD software and the downloadable version is the content (or components), and you’re going to back that up separately anyway. The critical thing is to also back up the software updates, so be sure to follow my instructions for doing that as well. There is no need to back up your CD. I do not plan on switching to MMS, so I won’t be able to help you there.

  2. Diane Malcor

    Wow! What a fantastic moment for you and your daughter! Too cool! LOVE the photos of her feet… and an added bonus to re-create how they were shown in the movie. Absolutely LOVE the quotes from the movie on your page and how/where you added them. Beautifully done!

    1. Tami Hewlett Post author

      Thanks Diane! That means a lot coming from you:)


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