Life’s Little Twists

By | March 26, 2015

Normally, I would have a Technique Thursday post today.  If fact, I had planned to come up with several alternative ideas for this month’s Paper Pumpkin kit today.  However, life handed me a little twist this week.  My daughter has been feeling ill since last weekend.  It started right before the end of our vacation in Mammoth visiting with my mom.  She just wasn’t feeling like her perky self.  Monday, she had a real high fever, but the next morning it was down to normal, so I thought she was getting better.  But that night, it was back up.  So, off to the doctor we went early Wednesday morning.   We found out she has walking pneumonia!  We spent four hours at Kaiser that morning between the doctor visits, x-ray, hooking her up to an IV for antibiotics, and going to the pharmacy.  Then, her pic line started hurting, so back we went to get it removed.  What a day!

Even when she’s sick, my daughter still has a sense of humor.  Kaiser asked her to wear a mask to her doctor visit, because of the fever.  So, of course she had to decorate it!  I’m not really sure how she found the energy, because she hasn’t had much at all this week, but such is the mind of a teenage girl!


The doctor, nurses, receptionists all laughed and thought she was hysterical.  (Although, I think a few of the kids in Pediatrics appeared a little nervous.)  I was actually surprised when she told me it was OK to put these pictures on my blog.


Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be feeling better soon.  Check back Saturday, and hopefully, I’ll have some Paper Pumpkin inspiration!

Tami Hewlett


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