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I’m currently on vacation, so I haven’t been creating any new projects.  However, I do have a fun card to share.  My daughter Shannon recently made this card for my husband (her dad) for his birthday.  I love her originality!  I NEVER know what she’s going to do.  But, she always has something in mind when she walks into my stamp room.  She usually just asks for a few key things and then likes to be left alone to finish her creative process.

This time, all she asked for was a bicycle stamp…  (My husband is a big cyclist.)  Hum, I thought and thought, but I don’t have any bicycle stamps.  She looked at me like I was nuts.  I mean really, with ALL the stamps I have, I don’t have ANY bicycle stamps????   The only thing I could think of was a stamp brush on My Digital Studio, so she had me print it out, and she said she was good to go.

P1000003 copy - Copy

The next thing I heard, was “Mom, where are your Fringe Scissors?”  (Fringe Scissors?  What could she be doing?)

Well, after a trip to Costco and finishing a lot of errands, I checked in with her and this is what she created.

P1000008 copy - Copy

Shannon used the Fringe Scissors to create a boardwalk.  She cut up two colors of brown card stock, stuck a bunch of tape on the card base, and then positioned the pieces together.  If you look  closely, she even took my Paper Piercer and scratched up the “boards” so they look scuffed and old.  I’m not sure if I would advise this, as I’m not so sure it was good for my Paper Piercer:)  But, it did add a really cool effect.

P1000009 copy - Copy

For the rest of the card, she drew the background freehand, as well as her flying dad.  What cracks me up the most are the Croc shoes.  She’s always teasing my husband for wearing Crocs all the time.  (They aren’t very fashionable in her mind.)  But, they do represent his “look.”  I love the curly gray hair too!

P1000011 copy - Copy

My husband LOVED this card, probably more than any of the others he received.  No one can beat a totally personalized, unique card made by your loving daughter.

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I have one more card to share on Saturday.

Tami Hewlett

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