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By | November 23, 2015

I have so many things to share today!  It’s the start of the Online Extravaganza at Stampin’ Up!  In addition, I did a lot of research last week on printing options for digital projects, which I’ll go over below.  Finally, I’ll be sharing the last five pages of my Maui album.  So, first things first.

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Digital Printing Options:

I indicated last week that I would do some research on printing digital projects.  Well, after some trial and error, I have a lot to report:

Individual 12 x 12 scrapbook pages:  I ended up using Persnickety Prints.  I had heard great reviews about the quality of their printing, so this was the first place I checked.  I would have used them for my Maui book if they offered 12 X 12 photobooks, but unfortunately they didn’t.  Individual 12 X 12 prints are available on Matte Photographic paper for $1.99 each.  (This is very similar pricing to old MDS printing.)  I got my prints in 3 days and they are GORGEOUS!!!  I highly recommend this company for individual prints.

12 X 12 photobook:  I really wanted to find a good quality printer for my Maui book after all the work I put into it.  I tried Costco, but found that during the upload process, their utility was cutting off my pages and I was having a hard time centering everything and trying to make it look good.  While Costco may have worked eventually, I wanted to find an easier way.  I also realized that I didn’t leave big enough bleed areas on my pages.  This was a BIG MISTAKE.  I ended up having to go back and reduce everything to leave bigger borders.  (This wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds as I could easily highlight everything on each page, group it, and reduce it all together.  Then, I just needed to fix a few text boxes.)  After fixing all my pages, I realized that I got an email from My Memories Suite telling me an easy way to use them to print my book!  First, I saved and exported all my MDS pages to JPEGs.  Then, I opened a new photobook in My Memories Suite Version 6 (MMS6) with the same number of pages.  While in MMS6, I opened the saved MDS photos and for each page, I double clicked on a photo to add it to the page.  Then, I right clicked and selected Set As Background.  This filled each page with the finished photo without pixelating!  Once I got the album completed, I uploaded it to My Memories Suite to print.  The cost for a hardbound book with 30 pages is $49.99.

2016 Desktop Calendars:  For these, I wanted to print them on landscape 11 X 8-1/2 cardstock.  I could have used Persnickety Prints, but I had a lot to print so I wanted to try to find something cheaper.  Costco only offers glossy photo paper.  I ended up with two options.  Office Depot/Office Max offers 11 x 8-1/2 prints on cardstock (three weights), so I ordered one set (six pages as there are two months on each page) for $4.32.  An advantage with Office Depot/Office Max is that I didn’t have to pay shipping as I could pick up the prints at the store the next day!  The prints were beautiful!!!  My Memories Suite also provides individual 11 x 8-1/2 prints on cardstock (two weights).  (In MMS version 6, go to the Share menu and select Individual Pages.)  One set of calendars was $8.34, which is still not bad.  While I probably would have just selected Office Depot/Office Max because it’s half the price and very good quality, I ordered a set from My Memories Suite to compare.  I’ll let you know the verdict when I get my prints.

Hopefully, that will help some of you out there trying to print your My Digital Studio projects.


Maui Book:

Here are my last five pages.  I spent a lot of time of this first page because it was a special one.  Shannon LOVES to horseback ride, and this was a big day for her.  I wanted to capture key memories, such as her favorite horse Buck, as well as the reaction of the Hawaiian cowboys (paniolos) when they recognized her from the last visit.  For my pocket cards, I used the Natural Card Collection from Becky Higgins  All the other embellishments are old My Digital Studio downloads, but if you wanted to create a similar look, you could use wooden elements and real stitching.

Maui 2015-028 - Copy

For this next page, I used the Summer Themed Card Collection from Becky Higgins  I thought the soft colored worked well with these gorgeous scenery shots.

Maui 2015-029 - Copy

My husband took these beautiful sunrise photos.  I looked for some simple pocket cards that wouldn’t detract from the colors.  The variegated coral cards come from the This is the Life Card Collection and the black cards come from the Moments Like This Card Collection.  Both sets are available from Stampin’ Up! at my online store.

To add a little flair to this page, I used different colors to fill each letter of the Smitten Alphabet punches (a My Digital Studio download.)  I used my Color Picker to match colors from the pocket cards and photos themselves.

Maui 2015-030 - Copy

When we were driving around the island one day, we stopped to watch these amazing kite boarders.  They were traveling so fast and occasionally, they would just fly up in the air.  It looked like so much fun!  I added the circles to the photos to emphasize the action going on.

Maui 2015-031 - Copy

And finally, here’s the last page from our last day.  This was the view from our balcony.  If you look closely at the water, you can see the little heads of the turtles popping up in the surf.  We stood out there watching the sunrise and the kids playing in the pool below.  This page uses the This is the Life Card Collection.

Maui 2015-032 - Copy

Supplies used on my pages:

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Are you looking for easy, fast way to document your photos?  Contact me so I can help you get started with Project Life.

Tami Hewlett

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