Best Dad Ever

By | June 22, 2015

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Hope you all had a great day yesterday!!!  I was thinking about my dad this past week, and missing him.  Sometimes, it just hits me out of the blue.  I know I was lucky to have him in my life for as long as I did, and I try to focus on the good memories.  Most the time, I’m pretty successful at staying positive, but now and then, a little sadness creeps in.  I’ve found that the best thing for me to do is not to ignore it, but to look at old pictures and remember what a great guy he was and how much fun we had.

That brings me to my page this week.  I wanted to create a heritage page of my dad.  I have a bunch of great photos from when my parents were first dating and married that I gathered when I was putting together a scrapbook for their 50th wedding anniversary to give them as a gift.  I started thinking that it would be fun to scrap those pictures for myself as well.  So, I decided to do a page about the days they spent at Crystal Cove.  These pictures come from different time periods, but they also have some commonality because of the location.  The photo of my parents was taken when they were dating, I came along a couple years after they were married, and I’m not really sure when the other three photos were taken.  But, at least four of them were definitely taken at Crystal Cove.  (I’m not so sure about the boat photo, but it certainly could have been taken nearby.)  I can say with certainty that they all represent fond memories of what they did at Crystal Cove.

Project Life-007 - Copy

My parents use to live in tents on the beach at Crystal Cove during the summers.  They would play volleyball, water ski, and body surf.  They talked fondly about the years spent there and made close, long lasting friends.  I was just a little girl when the State stopped allowing campers on the beach, much to my parents’ extreme disappointment.  I remember little bits and pieces, but that’s about it.  I was really grateful to receive these photos and hear some of the stories that went with them.

To create my page, I used the Moments Like These Project Life Card Collection.  You may ask, how did I get that digitally since Stampin’ Up! no longer offers digital downloads?  Well, all of Stampin’ Up!’s Project Life Collections are being offered as digital downloads at Becky Higgin’s Store  I happened to notice that this new collection was now available, so I bought it!

I downloaded Moments Like These to both My Digital Studio and MyMemories Suite.  I’m still using MDS right now, because it has all Stampin’ Up!’s colors and I like the ease of matching those colors.  However, if you notice on this page, I used two new 2015-2017 In-Colors (which were never made available on MDS!)  To accomplish this, I added some cards from the collection that had Mint Macaroon and Watermelon Wonder on them, then I used the Color Picker Tool to match the colors.  I also cropped some of the cards to make embellishments on my page, like the line of hearts, checkerboard, banner, and “moments like this” and “about you, three things I love.”  I cropped using a punch on several of those.  Finally, I used a font called BeckyScript that I also bought at Becky Higgin’s store.  This is one of my favorite fonts because it looks like pretty handwriting.

Hope this inspires you to create your own Project Life pages!

Tami Hewlett

5 thoughts on “Best Dad Ever

  1. Connie

    Love the pix from yesteryear, Tami. Sounds like your dad was one of a kind. One question: In the picture of you at 9 months old (what a cutie!), you appear to be walking! Did you really walk that early?

    1. Tami Hewlett Post author

      Well, according to my mother, yes. And, thanks so much for your comments:)

  2. Barbara Cost

    You have been very helpful to me on using MDS and now how to move everything over to MMS. I have a couple of questions after seeing your comments on this Project Life Layout, which by the way is very attractive – love your work…., but I see you are still using both MDS and MMS. My question is: I have downloaded MMS but haven’t yet purchase the Version 6, which plan to in a few days, but have if you convert your MDS over to MMS, can you still use MDS or is it where once you convert your MDS to MMS, you can’t use MDS anymore?? If you could please let me know I would appreciate your reply to this. thank you.

    1. Tami Hewlett

      Barbara, thank you for your comments. I copied all my downloads over to MMS, so at this point, I can use either MDS or MMS. I have both working programs on my computer. I have not converted all my finished MDS projects to MMS. There are only a few that I’m in the process of completing, like my 2016 desktop calendars. I’ve heard that when projects are converted, you have to go back and fix some things. So, I need to do that soon and figure out how much of a problem that’s going to be. I’m still working things out.


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